Our differentiation

All that differentiates us, many reasons for choosing the Sansa was

We love nature and respect the environment…

If you choose to Sansa was love nature you should know that:

The Sansa was obtained from the distinctive environmental quality of the Generalitat of Catalonia 23 May 2007. This label identifies us as an establishment environmentally friendly.

0-environmental quality

Criteria for eco-efficiency home:

  • We heat the house with a biomass boiler that burns wood, briquettes and pellets.
  • The heated water bath 18 m2 of solar panels.
  • The radiators are installed·enable a thermostat to regulate the temperature in each room.
  • All taps are devices for saving water flow regulators.
  • The windows are double glazed and there are also double doors each entry.
  • Different containers can recycle most of the waste, fin and convert all organic waste into compost for the garden and we used oil soap for clothes.
  • Almost all the lights are low energy.
  • The lights outside are a programmer that automatically turns off.
  • The bathrooms are soap dispensers instead of individual soaps.
  • All appliances are energy efficient.
  • If you ask us we can disconnect the Wi-Fi and connect via a network cable to avoid electromagnetic waves.
  • Every corner of the house you will find posters explaining the proper use of water and energy.

You can cook and barbecues…

If you choose the house to eat well you know:

  • You can use the barbecue covered patio. We offer you the firewood at no cost. We also have a cooking stone slab. When the weather is good you can eat on the patio.
  • The kitchen is fully equipped: dishwasher (soap included), Refrigerator, large fires, forn, microones, toaster, squeezer, scoop, Italian coffee, After, pans, safates, dishes, covered, species,…
  • I do not want to cook every day, our town is home to two excellent·lenses restaurants: the’Hostal Vall Àssua and Roch Hotel. Also you can visit the cheese piece Altron and taste cheeses from raw milk cow, semicurats, smoking, Tupi,… In our valley we find the cheese Matthew House, on the Clara·working sheep cheeses and yogurts
  • You Mushroom hunting.


An ideal choice for families and groups of friends, with or without children…

If you chose the Sansa was to be at home with children, you should know that:



  • We leave no extra cost: Throne, seats, Hamaques, bathtub, changer, backpacks for hiking, Sled, Bicycle, patinets, baby toys, tales, by·Movies for children,…
  • In the yard there is a house on top of a tree, trampoline with a net, of slides, zodiac pool, Basketball cistella, badminton network, small bikes, patinets i piscina infantil.

Here Pet!

If you chose to accept pets home, you should know that:

  • We have a fenced yard to let the animals free.
  • Can country walks from our valley.
  • There is a veterinary center in Sort (6,3 km, 9 my)


A place to relax and unwind…

If you chose the house because they just want to be together and relax, you should know that:




  • Just hear an owl that lives in the bell tower of the church.
  • You'll find a living room with a sofa bed four, another three, five armchairs and a three-seater bench. The room has an open fire with extinguishers and with a smoke detection system to be calm.
  • We can make various distributions of the rooms you want to sleep with your children or get all the cousins ​​together or sleep away this dear friend who snores. The price includes bed linen and towels.
  • The bathrooms have soap, toilet paper, hair and lifters for children. There is one that has two sinks and two showers to avoid queues.
  • In summer the house is cool without fans or air conditioning, do not have many mosquitoes (There are mosquito nets in all rooms) and at night we have to cover with a sheet. In winter everything is hot and the road to get to our house is always clean snow.
  • We have board games and a TV plan. We can also leave a hard drive by·Movies.
  • At the entrance there is an electronic dart game with plastic tips, an exercise bike and a table with a computer and internet connection Wi-Fi or wired network.

And if you do not see or choose our house that is reserved, We recommend other accommodation in the region to visit www.ruralsobira.com

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